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Italian to english translation?

Hey guys

I am a collector of the great Italian carcano rifle. In belgium you can own these rifles in working condition without a license(but no ammo allowed)

Information is not readily avaible about the carcano. Especialy the more less known variants

one of these. Is the Moschetto modello 1891 per t.s con tromboncino mod 28. This was a specialy designed grenade launching rifle. It used a unique system.

Information is not avaible in english, however there is one site wich has all the info about carcano's. However it is in Italian, and google translate messes it up. The phrases doesnt make sense!

there is only a small part that i need translated to english, wich is this=

Nel 1928 con la ripresa della produzione del moschetto modello 1891 per ts (modificato), fu realizzato anche uno speciale tromboncino lancia bombe che doveva essere dato in dotazione a cinque uomini per ogni squadra di fucilieri.

This is the site, it is the first phrases just under the first photo

Could some awesome italian or italian speaking person translate that small text to me in english? thank you!Italian to english translation?
In 1928 with the renewal of the production of the musket I model 1891 for ts (changed), was realized also a special tromboncino throws bombs that have to be given in endowment to five men for every squad of riflemen. The tromboncino mod. 28 stable is coupled with a musket I model 1891 for ts conveniently changed, utilization for the propulsion of the bomb the normal munizione of order mod. 91/95, while the pipe of the tromboncino, to smooth soul, has a caliber of 38.5 millimeters. To the I fire, since the ball cannot leave, the collar of the box is stretched and the gas pass in the room of throw of the tromboncino across four holes supplying the necessary energy to the throw of the bomb. After the throw of the bomb, opening the shutter, come espulsi the box extinguished and the bullet, that it is stopped against an appropriate one I stand out. This model of tromboncino was struck off from the service in 1934, but when had been built the arms I model 1891/38 in the initial caliber of 7.35, had been re-used reserves of arsenal, given that the pipes usurate of the caliber 6.5 were easily convertible in this new caliber. With the new production of arms I model 1891/38, is enough frequent therefore find muskets them whose calciature are derived in very obvious manner from woods of the "musket I model 1891 for t. s. for tromboncino mod. 28" recovered, restored and adapted, to the new structure, with the usual mastery of our workers of inlay. The description that follows is extrapolated from the "brief and temporary Education on the musket with the tromboncino Mod. 1928" cited like appendix to the" Manual of the official Instructor of the Run Premilitari" - Ministry of the War - Institute Poligrafico of the State - Rome 1929 Year VII -

Particulars The musket with tromboncino mod. 28 agrees the shot to normal bullet of musketry and the throw until 200 meters of bombs from infantry against targets paraded. It is for the shot to bullet it is for the throw of the bombs s' employs the cartridge regulate model 91/95 and it is used the same shutter of the musket; shutter that for the throw of the bombs with tromboncino it is gone from the breech of the musket to that of the tromboncino. I fire it in two cases it is carried out always working on the trigger of the musket. For the puntamento in the shot to bullet s' employs the normal line of sight; in the shot with the tromboncino s' employs instead a second line of sight, determined from an additional notch on the left to the standing d' I lift to regulate and from a fixing viewfinder sideways on the political left of the musket. The notch of the second line of sight can take on the decisive positions from three engravings imprinted in red on the edge dell' left wing of the I clatter d' I lift, and marked from the numbers 1-1,5 and 2, to which comes fixing the standing d' I lift to second that the distance of the target is of 100, 150 or 200 meters. It is to keep present that the bomb, with a greater inclination of the arm (about 27掳) can be thrown until 320 meters about.Italian to english translation?
Ever heard of Google Translate?

I suggest you check it out.Italian to english translation?
Io sono un collezionista del fucile italiano Carcano. In Belgio questo fucile lo puoi usare senza una licenza (ma le munizioni non sono consentite)
Le informazioni non sono facili da trovare a proposito del Carcano. Specialmente le varianti pi霉 o meno conosciute.

Uno di questi 猫 il Moschetto modello 1891 per ts con Tromboncino mod 28. Si trattava di un fucile appositamente progettato per lanciare le granate. Ha usato un sistema unico.

I'm Italian

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