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What is the english translation of the latin/italian word "archimandrita"?

as in San Saba Archimandrita. thanksWhat is the english translation of the latin/italian word "archimandrita"?
it is simply "archimandrite".

The title Archimandrite (Greek: ?ρχιμανδρ?τη? - archimandrites), primarily used in the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Eastern Catholic Churches, originally referred to a superior abbot whom a bishop appointed to supervise several "ordinary" abbots (each styled hegumenos) and monasteries, or to the abbot of some especially great and important monastery. Today, the title is also used as one purely of honor, with no connection to any actual monastery, bestowed on clergy as a mark of respect or gratitude for their services (this honor is only given to those priests who have taken vows of celibacy — "monastics" — while married clergy may receive instead the title of "archpriest.")What is the english translation of the latin/italian word "archimandrita"?
In the Greek Rite the superior of a monastery or of several monasteries.What is the english translation of the latin/italian word "archimandrita"?
San Saba Archimandrita

It is one of the great figures of the monachesimo of East. Been born in Cappadocia around per year 439, to 18 years pilgrim to Gerusalemme os, where he finds a guide in monaco the Eutimio. With he he goes to living in the desert, near the Died Mar, where its formation happens. Ten later years the choice than to go itself to establish in a cove in goes them of the Cedron. It is the beginning of which it will become Grande Laura today known like Mar Saba. Draft of a particular model of monastica aggregation in which the monaci they live isolates you for five days to the week in order then is found again with to the saturday and Sunday in order celebrating the Eucaristia. In the 492 Saba comes ordered to clergyman and the patriarch of Elia di Gerusalemme the archimandrita nomination of all the monaci of Palestine. Not easy task in years of deep divisions around to the monofisita heresy. Saba defends with force the doctrine of the two natures of sanctioned Jesus from Concilio of Chalgedon. Morirà ultranovantenne in the 532, already venerato while still alive like a saint
I'm guessing it's a title of someone in the church like an archbishop. Here's a link that may help:…

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