Sunday, February 5, 2012

Italian to English translation URGENT?

Hey... Please can someone translate this into English for me? I text a guy u like saying.. Ciao, come vai? (hey how's it going) and he replied...Vado a tutta birra.. Please can someone translate for me and also give me an idea if what to reply with, can you also put in English too so I kno wat I'm saying... Thank you !!Italian to English translation URGENT?'s is going in italian is "Come va" (not come vai), that is how are you (= "come stai")...

"Vado a tutta birra" is a idiomatic expression, it literaly means "I'm going fast" , it's used to say that is all right and you're fine, or that you're really enjoing yourself (pratically it's a strong way to say that you're satisfied of how is going.)

To reply, you could just say: "wow, anche per me va tutto bene" (if you're fine too - for example "wow, that is good! I'm ok too") or "sono contento per te, ma a me non va bene per niente" (if you're not fine - for example "glad of hear that, but, alas, for me it's not fine".Italian to English translation URGENT?
Vado a tutta birra in Italian means "I go at top speed" in English. Don't know why he'd say that. =?

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