Sunday, February 5, 2012

Italian to english translation?

this is a message a girl that likes me sent to a her freind that also likes me i know roughly what it means and that marpiona is kind of like an italian slang word but i just cant put the sentence together thanks

che marpiona... e poi dici a mItalian to english translation?
"Marpione" is a rude way to say "a flirt", or someone who likes to court and seduce; a "dom juan", although in the word "marpione" there is a hint of disapproval, too. "Marpiona" is the feminine version - i guess you could translate it as minx.

The phrase roughly translates as "What a minx you are! And then you dare say I am"Italian to english translation?
"Marpiona" is a strange and rare word (in fact, I had to check its meaning in the dictionary) which means "girl very sly who always wants to act her interests and often manages to get some kind of benefit also by tricking the others".

Che marpiona! = What a "marpiona"!

"E poi dici a (or "di") me" is an Italian expression. It means that probably you said to the one who's written this sentence something about her/his being maybe a bit crafty; so, now she tells you that she may be crafty, but that person (the "marpiona") is a lot more sly. Her being crafty is nothing if we compare it to the other girl's slyness.

I hope what I've written is understandable. :-)Italian to english translation?
Sorry sounds like dialect have not got a clue what marpiona means

che means 'that' and e poi dici a m?? could it be poi dici a me??

if so then its 'and then say to me'


Great forum for free translation English/Italian and visa versa

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