Sunday, February 5, 2012

Italian to english translation..?

Can you please help. could you please tell me what "io tifo..." means in english. Thanks in advance!Italian to english translation..?
Means exactly " I support " and it's always followed by the name of a sport-team.

(And it's not slang.)
To be honest, car77 also deserved to win, probably more than me.

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Italian to english translation..?
"io" = I

"tifo" = slang for a sports fan

So it means something along the lines of "I/me, a fan."
I root for... (in other words, I'm a fan of).Italian to english translation..?
"I typhoid
Hello from Italy. It means "I support" (for example, a football team). Here there is the complete coniugation of this verb in Present: io tifo, tu tifi, egli tifa, noi tifiamo, voi tifate, essi tifano.
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