Sunday, February 12, 2012

Italian to English translation please...?

Non vedo l'ora di venirti a prenderti a l'areporto per viverti e stare bene con te. Voglio stare con te.

No online translators please....thanks.Italian to English translation please...?
I can't wait to come and get you at the airport, to live you and be ok with you. I want to be with you.

This is the actual translation,but it may not make sense so:

'viverti' means to 'live you' and it is usually used in poetic form. Its almost like saying i can't live without you and want you in my life and enjoy you. The same 'stare bene' means 'be ok' with you. Its the same really he just wants to be with you and hope that you are ok together.

The whole lot basically means he can't wait to be with you so you can live your story and enjoy your time together.Italian to English translation please...?
I dont see it now, but i will take you to the airport to live you and to be with you. I want to stay with you.

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