Sunday, February 12, 2012

Italian to English translation needed!?

please translate:

Un mega abbraccio Fede

It was an update on Facebook.Italian to English translation needed!?
"A very big hug Fede"

"mega" is a prefix which is quite informal, never use it when you have a formal dialogue ^^

Fede is a nickname which stands for "Federico" (male) or "Federica" ( female), in this context Fede can indicate the person who wrote this post, so it is a sort of signature or it can also indicate the person who receives the hug, so the phrase would have this meaning :" A very big hug for you, Fede"... We can't understand which is the right version basing only on this sentence ...

abbraccio is a hug. Mega looks like big...Fede looks like someone's Fred in English.

A big hug Fred.Italian to English translation needed!?
A big hug Fede.
It means "A big hug Fede" (Fede is a nickname for the names Federico or Federica)Italian to English translation needed!?
A big hug Fede...I'm guessing Fede is the name because I haven't heard that word
a super big hug

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