Sunday, February 5, 2012

English translation to Italian?

I have this saying that I want to learn in italian "I love you with all my heart and Soul". I do know how to say most of it in Italian "Ti amo con tutti i miei cuore ed anima". I'm not sure how "i miei" should be said. If anyone could help me thank you in advance.English translation to Italian?
Vince is right, but better omitting "il mio" and "la mia" (in Italian is more used this way): "Ti amo con tutto il cuore e tutta l'anima"English translation to Italian?
there is this website you can go to and type it in then you select the language you want to translate it to and it will tell you. i hope this helps.English translation to Italian?
'Ti amo con tutto il mio cuore e la mia anima' is the correct translation.

'il mio' is 'the my'.

I'm italian.

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