Sunday, February 12, 2012

English translation of this Italian song?

This is a song I am studying for my vocal repertoire. I should really use an Italian dictionary, but it would be helpful and faster if someone could tell me the translation in English. I do not want responses from online translating websites because they are really bad. So please, don't give answers based off of those. Here are the lines that I need translated:

"O cessate di piagarmi" by Alessandro Scarlatti

O cessate di piagarmi o lasciatemi morir,

Luc'ingrate, dispietate, piu del gelo e piu del marmi frede e sorde a miei martir.English translation of this Italian song?
Even with time and the dictionary you'll have some problems with this text because it is using one of the many dialects.

I can give you most of it though.

Here goes:

''Or stop cursing me or let me die,

Luc'ingrate (could be a name 'Luc' plus ungrateful, but I'm not sure), no pity, more than frost and more than marble cold and deaf to my martyr/victim.''

Because of the dialect, which sounds like a southern one, Luc'ingrate could mean something different, but 'ingrate' means ungreatful. But you get the jist of it.

Hope that helps.English translation of this Italian song?
Or stop piagarmi "by Alessandro Scarlatti

Or stop piagarmi or let me die,

Luc'ingrate, dispietate, most of the frost and most of the marbles frede and deaf to my martir.

Thats all I could really translate im sorry.

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