Wednesday, February 8, 2012

English translation of Italian song??

Can someone please translate this Italian song into english. Thanks.

Ma l'amore, no

L'amore mio non pu

Disperdersi nel vento, con le rose.

Tanto forte che non ceder

Non sfiorir

Io lo veglier

Io lo difender

Da tutte quelle insidie velenose

Che vorrebbero strapparlo al cuor,

Povero amor!

Forse se ne andrai

D'altre donne le carezze cercherai!


E se tornerai

Gi sfiorita ogni bellezza troverai

In me

Ma l'amore no

L'amore mio non pu

Dissolversi con l'oro dei capelli.

Fin ch'io vivo sar vivo in me,

Solo per te!English translation of Italian song??
but love,no

my love can not

dissolve(dispel) itself in the wind,with the roses

so strong that it will not surrender

it will not fade(wither)

i will watch over it

i will defend it

from all those poisoned hidden dangers

that would want to rip(tear)from the heart

poor love!

Maybe you will go

to look for other women caresses

aihm茅(poor me)

and if you will come back

you will find every beauty already faded(oveblown)

in me

but love,no

my love can not

fade away(dissolv itself)in the goldness of the hair

until i will live it will be alive in me

only for you

i麓m italian if you need any help i麓m here!English translation of Italian song??
It would probably be translated by today's rockers as

"Hey baby, baby, baby, baby, baby,

Hey baby.

Yo no ho, but I want's yo bad.

Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby."English translation of Italian song??
But not love,

my love won't be

gone with the wind, like a rose.

It's too strong to give up,

to wither

I'll watch over him,

I'll protect him

from all those poisonous ambushes

that tear the heart out

Poor love!

Maybe you'll be looking

for other girls' caresses


and you'll come back

to the infinite, flowery

beauty in me.

But not love,

my love won't vanish

like the gold in my hair

Till the end, love will remain alive in me,

just for you.


My vote goes to Matissina07's perfect translation! Thanks for revealing the meaning of "aihm茅" expression.

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