Wednesday, February 8, 2012

English to italian translation?

fiance and i are getting tattoos after we get married next month can someone translate these phrase's in Italian?

my love forever

i will love you forever

forever yours baby

always your baby

thank you!English to italian translation?
my love forever = il mio amore per sempre

i will love you forever = ti amer貌 per sempre

forever yours baby = per sempre tua, amore

always your baby = per sempre il tuo amore

The first two are easy, the ones with baby cannot be translated literally: "bambino/bambina" are not very used, unless you're actually talking about children.

I replaced it with "love", but you could also use "tesoro" (darling), or maybe piccolo/piccola (little one).

Assuming that you're a girl talking to a boy:

Per sempre tua, piccolo

Per sempre la tua piccolaEnglish to italian translation?
Il mio amore per sempre

Ti amer貌 per sempre

per sempre tua, bambina

sempre la tua bambina

"forever yours baby / always your baby" have approx. both the same meaning/translation, though

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