Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Accurate english to italian translation?

the phrase is "never a slave". I put it in an online translator and got "Mai uno schiavo". is this grammatically correct and everything? It's for a tattoo, so it really needs to be accurate.Accurate english to italian translation?
ATTENTION: All the above answers are wrong!

I saw from other questions by you, that you are a female, but "schiavo" is masculine!

For a female, you should say:

"Mai una schiava" (= "Never a female slave")

or, better in Italian:

"Mai schiava" (= "Never female slave")
your almost correct, but not quite, its 'mai un schiavo' not uno

hope this helped and lovely idea (:Accurate english to italian translation?

that's the correct translation. You can say "non sar貌 mai uno schiavo" (I' ll never be a slave) too, it's grammatically correct, but for a tattoo sounds better the first one.

Ciao tutti is not Italian cause "mai un schiavo" is totally wrong
That's incredible how many wrong answers people (so-called italians, too!) can come up with. The first one just stated "you mean..I am a slave".

Correct statement is (literally) "Mai uno schiavo"

("Uno" is used, in this case, because the following noun begins with S- followed by an "hard" consonant. Same fate would happen to any noun beginning with SP-, SC-, ST- and so on)

"Mai Schiavo" is just as good, but in this case "schiavo" (Slave) is an adjective. Sounds just..tougher.

Suggestion: if you want something to stay on your skin forever...don't ask people in here. You might end up with something "funny"Accurate english to italian translation?
mai uno schiavo
Non saro' mai uno schiavo:)
you mean Sono uno schiavo

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