Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What is the English translation of Italian song Felicita? Bonus points to best answer!?

Happiness is holding hands, going far

Happiness is your innocent look in the middle of the people

Happiness is being close to each other, like kids

Happiness, happiness, happiness

is a feather pillow, the water of the stream that passes and goes,

the rain that goes down, behind the curtains

Happiness is dim the light to make peace, the happiness, happiness, happiness, a glass of wine with a muffin, the happiness is leave a note inside the case, the happiness

is two voices singing, How much I like happiness, happiness...


Listen in the wind, there is our song of love that goes

like a thought that knows about happiness

Feel in the wind, there is a warm sunshine that goes

like a smile that knows about happiness

Happiness is an evening in surprise

the lit up moon, the radio that goes

a note of wishes, full of hearts

the happiness is an unexpected phonecall.

Happiness x3

a beach in the night, the wave that hits, the happiness

is wait for the dawn, to make it too the happiness, happiness.

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