Sunday, February 5, 2012

Italian to English translation?

vedo che lo conosci un p貌

please tell me what this means!Italian to English translation?
"Un p貌" is an incorrect way to write "un po'" (short for "un poco"). Though it's wrong, it's still widely used among texters, in chat, and elsewhere.

It's difficult to respond w/100% accuracy to your question without more context. The reason is this: the article "lo" can mean "him" or it can mean "it." So, as others have said, the sentence could mean, "I see you know him slightly/a little" or it could mean "I see you know a little about it/the subject."

In any case, with that as a start, you'll be able to figure out what works best in your situation.Italian to English translation?
I see you know it a little or

I see you know it somewhatItalian to English translation?
"""""""""""""""i see that you know a litte""""""""""""" cant u find it on google??

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