Thursday, February 2, 2012

Italian to English Translation?

I was wondering if any of you could help me, as my Italian is very basic. Can someone tell me the TRL Milano line-up for June (as in the artists who are playing) and where it'll take place? As in, *what artists will be performing*, on what date and where. Thanks, any help is greatly appreciated.…Italian to English Translation?
I hope I understand right your answer....

This week there will be...

on monday: Melody Fall, in Florence

on tue: too much blond and Nick Norby, in Florence

on we: Nevada tan Aka Panic, in Florence.

on th: Piero Pelù (italin artist), in Florence.

Then they leave Florence and they moove in North Italy (Mantova)...

Hope I've help you!
Monday: Melody Fall

Tuesday: TooMuchBlond and Nick Hornby

Wensday: Nevada Tan aka Panik, Matteo Maffucci and Dolfh Lundgren

Thursday: Piero Pelù and Ufficio SinistriItalian to English Translation?
Hi, I'm Italian and I would be glad to help you.

Can you please tell me what you want me to translate?

I've just opened the link but I can't find what you are asking...
The above poster didn't mean "bagel fish" - they meant "babel fish". But, that said, I'd advise Google Translate instead - much better. to English Translation?
Sorry but i cannot translate them for you as i am not Italian

'whano artisto performingo, na dato and whero.'
i think it says....

-beware of manbearpig-
hi you

yahoo bagel fish is the best i have to offer i hope its of help
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