Sunday, February 5, 2012

Italian To english translation? quick?

Sei lei trova il mio cuore fara u gli da sostine?

i think i know what it says, but i want to double check. i havent spoken italian scince i was little.Italian To english translation? quick?
The sentence isn't in a correct Italian.

It may be: "Se lei trova il mio cuore, gli dar脿 sostegno?"

Translation: "If she finds my heart, will she sustain it?Italian To english translation? quick?
Se lei trova il mio cuore, far脿 tu l矛 da sostiene?

If she finds my heart, will you be there to sustain it?

se = if

lei = she

trova = finds

il mio = my

cuore = heart

far脿 tu = will you do

l矛 = there

da sostiene = to sustain

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