Sunday, February 12, 2012

Italian to English Translation Please! :)?

In sicilia da me ti ospito io facciamo una vacanza con i fiocchi t.v.b. tanto

Does it mean...Coming from Sicily to your hospitality would make a holiday in the snow...i love you very much?

If so, how would I say "You are welcome to come here, but there will not be much to do. I think it would be more fun to meet somewhere sunny. What would you prefer?"

Thank you so much for your help!Italian to English Translation Please! :)?
in sicily i will take care of you. we will take a vacation with the snow flakes. i love you very much.

and fagu made a mistake in the translation: 'more fun' is actually: pi霉 divertente, not Bello.Italian to English Translation Please! :)?
When you are in Sicily I will put you up so we will have a great (or amazing) vacation together. I love you so much.

Sei il benvenuto qui da me ma non ci sar脿 molto da fare. Penso che sarebbe bello incontrarci in un posto soleggiato. Cosa preferiresti?

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