Sunday, February 12, 2012

English to Italian Translation?

Ok, I need some help translating the following sentence into Italian, but please, only if you are sure. Ideally, it will sound a bit medieval rather than modern, but that would be an added bonus.

"Try and describe this pain to anyone who hasn't experienced it, and you'll soon feel as though you are describing a sunset to one without eyes."English to Italian Translation?

I'm Italian, so I am more than sure about my translation!

Here your translation:

"Prova a descrivere questo dolore a chi non l'ha vissuto, e ti sentirai presto come se stessi descrivendo un tramonto ad una persona senza occhi."

Greetings =)English to Italian Translation?
Cercare e descrivere questo dolore di chi non ha conosciuto, e sarete presto sentire come se siete descrivendo un tramonto per uno senza occhi.

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