Sunday, February 5, 2012

English to italian translation?

can someone please give me an exact translation for "god's plan" in italian? thanks

or a different language if you can.

or a transliation for everything happens for a reason "if its short"English to italian translation?
I can give you the Dutch versions:

"God's plan" would be ... God's plan (funny how that is exactly the same, eh?) It does sound a little different though when you would pronounce it.

"Everything happens for a reason" would be ... Alles heeft zijn reden.

Hope this helps!English to italian translation?
this is in Arabic 禺胤丞 丕賱賱賴

this is in Italian disegno di DioEnglish to italian translation?
Gods plan: Dios Progetto/Piano
I don't speak Italian, but you can go to and use the translator. It works great!

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