Thursday, February 2, 2012

English to italian translation please?

i know this is extremely random..but how do you say;

"hello my name is erin and i have a friend who was struck by lightning and was born in germany"

in italian?

again i know how random this is but it'd be very helpful...

any GOOD answers are appreciated. thanks!English to italian translation please?
"Ciao, il mio nome 猫 Erin ed ho un amico, nato in Germania, che 猫 stato colpito da un fulmine"

if your friend is a girl:

"Ciao, il mio nome 猫 Erin ed ho un' amica, nata in Germania, che 猫 stata colpita da un fulmine"

Hope i helped youEnglish to italian translation please?
Salve, mi chiamo Erin ed ho un/a amico/a che 猫 stato/a colpito/a da un fulmine ed 猫 nato/a in Germania.English to italian translation please?
buon giorno, me chiamo erin, y ho un amico/una amica qui era toccato/toccata del fumine e era nato en alemania

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