Sunday, February 12, 2012

Can I have a proper english to italian translation?

I speak some italian, but I need it too be a little better If I'm going to get a quote as a tattoo. haha

"Bleed with me and forever be my brother"


"bleed with me and you will forever be my brother"

But maybe place the word comrade for brother?

I've settled upon this quote. although it is a missquote, its much shorter than the original.

Also is there any "accute accent marks" that can be placed? I think it just adds too the look of it. If thats what they call those little markings above the letters lol.


than I can get started in drawing it out!

(yes, I am going to talk too a language teacher or my gramps on it. So im not going to just hope its an actual translation. haha)Can I have a proper english to italian translation?
Sanguina con me e sii per sempre mio paesano

Sanguina con me e sei per sempre mio paesano

Paesano means fellow countryman, if you want the literal translation of comrade, replace paesano with compagno.

Is "bleed with me" a command, or are you saying "when you bleed with me, you are my brother"?

Definitely get a second opinion on this, I could have made a few mistakes.

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